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Refuge REFORMATION Celebration!

“He had no idea that he was striking the match that would light up western civilization…”

500 years ago the church was compromised by world in many ways, which led to the Reformation. It’s the 500th Anniversary of that historic occasion, an event that literally changed the course of the church and the world. While our eyes as a church are always fixed centrally on the saving work of our Savior Jesus Christ, we celebrate this historic event and all its ramifications because it did just that, scraping off distracting add-ons and making the grace of our Savior central to the gospel and good theology.

I’m a little surprised I haven’t heard more hoopla from within the Christian community, with more attention on the NFL or Game of Thrones than the legacy of what gave us the Five Solas. Still, Refuge Church will be recognizing these moments with an October focused on Christ’s loving growth and correction of His bride, the church, through these dramatic events in church history.

In light of 5 Solas, we’ll be having 5 celebratory touchpoints:

  1. READING: as a Church, we’re reading the historical fiction “Luther in Love” by Douglas Bond. It explores the dynamic unfolding story of Luther and the Reformation in Germany, memoir-esque through the eyes of his wife. You can read along with us by buying the book or getting it for Kindle (we also have copies in our church foyer).
  2. DISCUSSING: midway, we’re lining up opportunities to talk about the book, and it’s church and biblical ramifications. There’s a Men’s Breakfast on October 14, Women on October 17, and a co-ed gathering at the home of Tony and Bev Carter on October 25. As the church has met since the first century, we want to discuss what we’re learning and how God’s using to impact our hearts.
  3. DEBRIEFING & DOCUMENTARY: Finale Friday! Finish reading the book by October 27, because that Friday we’re gathering for a dinner at the church with round-table discussion. Then, that same night at 7pm we’ll roll the brand-new documentary on Luther (the trailer is posted above) to hear from scholars and historians on how what happened in 1517 changed civilization.
  4. DINING, LUTHER STYLE! On Sunday October 29th, following our 10am service we’ll have an all-church German-style meal complete with Reformation Jeopardy and more discussion.

It’s a great time to honor five centuries of church growth, it’s a great time to get to know us here at Refuge Church, and also: consider if someone you know that doesn’t go to Refuge might be intrigued and join us. It might just be a personal reformation for them, or some of us, this year by God’s grace.