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Abortion: Then and Now

June 2019: As our nation faces mounting tensions around the issue of abortion, it’s important to consider all we know regarding ancient history, Christian history, American history, scientific knowledge since 1973, and God’s definitive Word on the issue. A trio of church leaders at our church felt compelled by the Spirit and came together to address the issue for all to consider. 

  1. What did the church do with a very similar situation over 2,000 years ago, both in helping at the ground level and political level? How long did they toil and labor to see change?
  2. What is the history of this issue in the ancient world and in the United States before and after the landmark Roe V. Wade?
  3. What are the false or just obfuscating arguments that pro-abortion advocates use to throw Christians back on their heels? What are the realities regarding these issues.
  4. It’s been over 45 years since Roe V. Wade, and that’s over four DECADES of scientific knowledge and discovery. Is science catching up with and validating the Biblical view?
  5. Okay then, what IS the biblical view weighty issue?
  6. What can and/or should Christians DO in light of this?

2,000 years ago, few would DARE debate Christians were on the right side of history in changing what we now consider an absolute vile atrocity. We must wisely consider history, science, rational consistency, and scripture to understand what is right in this matter.