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Listening to Black Voices

2020 has created a wealth of conversation over many issues related to racism, from American history to present realities and questions about

Listening to Black Voices2020-09-11T12:49:09-08:00

Your Weekly REFUGE 8.12.20

Dear friends,I see election time upon us, and just a short dip in my social media feeds reminded me one of MANY

Your Weekly REFUGE 8.12.202020-09-11T12:48:14-08:00

On Accusations

As election time looms yet again, we see accusations, counter-accusations, then accusations that the accusations are “fake news” and the babble (Babel?)

On Accusations2020-09-11T12:48:15-08:00

Your Weekly REFUGE 8.5.20

Sunday kicked us into high gear as the history of the church shows us a bold gospel, inspirational brothers in Christ, and

Your Weekly REFUGE 8.5.202020-09-11T12:48:11-08:00

Your Weekly REFUGE 7.29.20

Dear friends, The news bombards us with secular focuses- liberal, conservative and everything in between - and what they think we ought

Your Weekly REFUGE 7.29.202020-08-12T08:27:13-08:00

Navigating Tough Choices

July 20, 2020 Dear friends, For the last several months, Refuge planned a VBS program as we looked at shifting "Phases" for

Navigating Tough Choices2020-08-12T08:23:36-08:00

Over 6,000 Years of PRIDE

I’ve seen endless Facebook posts celebrating “Pride Month” as it comes to a close, and it occurs to me just how apt

Over 6,000 Years of PRIDE2020-08-05T13:47:11-08:00