2609 Larch Way Lynnwood, WA 98036 | Sunday Services at 10am
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Rebels on the run… a young woman hoping to understand her past and purpose… and the man we thought would forever be a hero in exile? So many questions, and only so many answers… but lots of new questions that make great discussion emerge from this installment of the Star Wars trilogy. Join us to look at identity, morality, and more. Movie followed by a brief message. Like it or not, this polarizing installment of the Star Wars saga yields some great conversation.

About Film & Theology:
Cinema is a modern day pulpit, reinforcing ideas through narrative about what it means to be a hero, a villain, living in this world today or living in a fantasy world that reflects our issues through metaphor and allegorical parallels. Instead of avoiding secular culture and the stories in popular entertainment, we believe we should engage them head-on in a way that lets us enjoy ALL experiences as worship, connected to our growth in God and loving the world around us. Check out cinemagogue.com and the related Facebook page for events and other resources.