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Lunch4LENT: our 2020 Lenten Observation

Giving, giving up, growing, and being “Phil-ed” with Truth in the Spirit

Last year, we renewed the tradition of Lent at Refuge Church, observing the time between Ash Wednesday and Holy Saturday in preparation for Easter Sunday. Traditionally, Christians have fasted and observed other traditions during this time. In 2019, we joined together in observing “Luke4Lent” and reading through the gospel of Luke, asking congregants to honor a fast of their determination. This year, we wanted to expand that tradition with a communal activity and more direction. A common Lent theme is “pray, fast, give” and we love the idea of not just fasting by giving UP, but also honoring Lent by GIVING. And thus began a four-pronged invitation – or perhaps a challenge – to our congregation this season. We invite ALL members and friends of Refuge to step into one, two, three, or – preferably – all 4 of our “Lunch4Lent” steps this season.

  1. GIVE – to the Nourishing Network, at least one single-serving item for each of the 40 days of Lent. 40 lunch items, 40 days, for 40 children! (see the Lunch-4-Lent PDF guide for what food items are needed)
  2. GIVE UP – your lunch as a form of fasting for these 40 days, in parallel with providing such needed nourishment for others.
  3. GROW – redeem that lunch time by devoting it to prayer, using the LUNCH-4-LENT 40 days of prayer guide.
  4. Be “PHIL-ed” – join us in reading together through the book of Philippians in 40 days. It’s just a few verses a day, and there is even an accompanying study guide available with daily thoughts and application. 

Lent begins with Ash Wednesday February 26! We know our Lord honors and blesses his children and his churches when they set aside time together to devote to Him, in all earnestness. I’m excited to see what He will do for Refuge, and more, in the coming season! – Pastor James

P.S. Pro-tip: You may be wondering how Lent can be 40 days if Ash Wednesday is 46 days before Easter? That’s because the Lenten fast does not include Sundays, which are considered feast days (a celebration of the resurrection)—so the six Sundays before Easter are omitted from the 40-day observance of fasting. Enjoy!