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We have ministries and special events that cater to men, women, culture, and physical training. Our hope is that these not only increase education but foster relationships and environments that lead to transformation.

Support group for those going through Cancer journeys. Dealing with grief, loss, and hardship. Led by Peggy VanderPol.

Check the Calendar for dates.


Women’s Ministry strives to help each woman gain a clearer understanding of God’s purpose in her life by glorifying Him. There are quarterly gatherings including Ladies’ Tea, gift exchanges, and teaching events to give the women in our church time to connect with God and one another. There are also women’s Community Groups available.

Email info@findrefuge.com for more details.


Men’s Ministry seeks to define what it means to be a man of God and a man in our modern culture that reflects the heart of Christ… whether that’s to a spouse, children, friends or neighbors. What does it REALLY mean to be a man? Monthly meetings and quarterly breakfasts with teaching and guest speakers are normative along with special events. There are also men’s Community Groups available.

Email james@findrefuge.com for more details. 


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Cinema is a modern day pulpit, reinforcing ideas through narrative about what it means to be a hero, a villain, living in this world today or living in a fantasy world that reflects our issues through metaphor and allegorical parallels. Instead of avoiding secular culture and the stories in popular entertainment, we believe we should engage them head-on in a way that lets us enjoy ALL experiences as worship, connected to our growth in God and loving the world around us. Pastor James Harleman hosts the website Cinemagogue, but also holds monthly film viewings at Refuge Church and unpacks the film’s narrative themes afterward with a brief message.

Check out cinemagogue.com and the related Facebook page for events and other resources.



Martial arts in the church? Why not? After all, the “church” is not a building, its a group of people. God’s glory is reflected in the new hearts of His people, not on bricks and sticks. The goal for every follower of Jesus is to live a life of integrity holiness, patience and respect. We teach martial arts because the character traits we learn in those classes help make us better followers of Jesus.

Classes provide proven and effective self-offense training for the whole family. Sifu Steve teaches the very same principles that Bruce Lee taught to his students, Sijo James DeMile And Jesse Glover.

Sifu Steve has trained for over ten years in conjunction with DeMile, Glover, and Sibok Cary Hiatt to pass on the teachings of Bruce Lee. What makes Sifu Steve unique is that he combines the teachings of Jesus with skills taught in this form of martial arts.

For class times and more details check out gungfuforchrist.com