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Our Top 10 Values

Heading into a new year, the elders and deacons got together to clarify our values. It’s been a year of transition, and while what we believe is based on deep biblical principles that won’t be changing anytime soon (read: EVER) how we articulate our values and focus as a community comes under periodic inspection. In fact, under one of our values is the idea of “embracing evaluation as normal and natural in our commitment to serve our Lord Jesus Christ and glorify Him together”.


With that in mind, as we head into the next chapter of Refuge Church, we want all our guests to know without question what we perceive as fundamental to our identity, as individuals and a church community. Here are our Top 10 Values as members of Jesus’ Church at Refuge in Lynnwood:

Refuge Church: helping people find Refuge in Jesus

“God is our refuge and strength, a very present help in trouble.” – Psalm 46:1

Refuge (Top 10) Values

  1. Centrality of God’s Word
    We value God’s Word as our only perfect source for faith, belief, and conduct; the reading, teaching and application of the Bible is essential to following Jesus.
  2. Life Transforming Walk with Jesus
    We’re imperfect people continually changing as a result of Christ’s presence and direct influence in our lives; he provides our new identity, free from sin and guilt, growing together with Christ and one another.
  3. Sharing God’s Good News
    We share the greatest story that brings salvation, and we’re called to build one another up in understanding and with equipping to share this news more effectively with others.
  4. Transforming Communities
    We impact the community around us in meaningful ways requiring intentional relationships, sacrificial service, and cheerful hospitality that reflects Jesus’ mirth and mercy.
  5. Global Perspective
    We desire to bless lives outside our community through prayer, projects, mission work and ongoing relationships that foster inspiration and involvement of others.
  6. Compelling Community
    We know that loving God means sharing lives with fellow Christians beyond worship services,enjoying benefits and shouldering burdens through interaction and accountability.
  7. Heartfelt (gathered) Worship
    When we do gather together we recognize God’s glory through adoration and praise, preaching and song, contrition and lament, growing in affection that stimulates action.
  8. Sacrificial Living, Generous Giving
    We strive to steward our time, treasure, and talent to bless those beyond our own households, using spiritual gifts and financial means collaboratively as God’s family.
  9. Godly leadership
    We believe in training godly servants who lead with character, competence and conviction, establishing a mutual spirit of unity and trust between the leadership and the body.
  10. Fruitful Organization
    We articulate a Christ-honoring vision, building congregational ownership in decision-making, engaging conflict constructively, and embracing evaluation as normal and natural in our commitment to serve our Lord Jesus Christ and glorify Him together.

If these resonate with you, perhaps check us out as we forge ahead with God’s plan for our community. If not all of them resonate with you, that’s okay: we don’t ask guests to be about everything we stand for. We just invite you to enjoy our hospitality and see what God has for you. If we can be a rest stop or a long term Refuge, we’d like to offer what we have.

Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year from Refuge Church!