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Please Join Us… Even if you Don’t

We’re another week into what has now officially been labeled a pandemic. And I hope to accomplish TWO things as you read this: 

1. Encourage many of you to refrain from your usual participation.

2. Implore ALL of you to JOIN us in participation at the same time. 

Wait, WHAT?

The news is saying what’s happening is unprecedented in our generation… so I hope our response will be the same. If you missed our initial communication about the virus last weekend, read it here. We’re still going to have service this Sunday, but you should hear our pastoral admonition as even MORE stressed. If you are concerned at ALL, stay home. If you’re feeling sick at all, stay home. If you have an immuno-compromised family member, stay home. NO judgment. We love you. But AT THE SAME TIME…

…we are BLESSED. We live in the 21st century where we can have “heartfelt, gathered worship” virtually. And I am going to use every ounce of pastoral capital I have with you (I’m going to get on my knees and PRAY that you) actively and physically JOIN us for the live stream this Sunday. You will find it on our Facebook Page.

And I don’t mean just say you probably will… I mean commit to it. Let’s face it, it will be so easy to roll out of bed. “I’ll watch it on YouTube later…” but please don’t. Just DON’T. This is a unique time… in history, in our LIVES… and what might it look like if we legitimately gathered virtually as a church together and honored the time, even separated by distance? We can still pray together, experience scripture together, and more. 

Some churches are cancelling services all together, while others are throwing COVID-19 caution to the wind and trusting in Christ and still meeting together. Personally, I believe wisdom is in the middle. If it’s only the pastor, a few worship folks and two attendees on site… that’s totally fine! But my fervent hope and prayer is to see 100 folks joining in on Facebook Live and legitimately worshiping with us. 

  • Think of it this way: no one can hear you singing, so you can sing louder than ever before! 
  • If you are timid and have been afraid to shout “Amen!” amidst the crowd at service, you can practice boldly at home! 
  • Think evangelistically… you can post on Facebook that you’re watching and maybe FB friends will take a look and hear the gospel!

As always, God can take our obstacles and turn them into opportunities. I believe he can use social distance to grow us closer, and trouble to bring people into His family. In fact, that’s kind of what Acts chapter 8 and the sermon “just happen” to hit as well. God’s timing is good. God is good.

All of the time,
Pastor James