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Your REFUGE Weekly 6-4: Presence of Mind

This Sunday we’ll be continuing our series in Exodus looking at the Tabernacle and focusing on the Table with Bread, or the “Bread of the Presence” (Exodus 25:23-30). If you missed last week’s message on The Ark of the Covenant, check it out here. As promised, our summer sermons will be shorter! Part of that is for other service elements: this weekend also works out as a perfect Sunday to partake of Communion together, so I hope all able will spend some time meditating this weekend, confess your sin to God, and come ready to the Lord’s Table.

Before THAT, of course, we will gather Saturday to steward the space God has given us for worship. I hope all able hands can pitch in for weeding and light work to beautify our church grounds and building! As more and more are joining us on site, and with prayers for newcomers to join us post-pandemic, we want to make it shine out of gratitude to our God and gracious hospitality for our guests!

Also, calling all MEN! Our Men’s Happy Hour is leaving ZOOM next week and we’ll be in each other’s physical presence next Wednesday, 5:30 at the Cheesecake Factory! There may even be a surprise or two, so don’t miss it.

And don’t forget, we have a great opportunity to invite guests to a grand night of cinema and thematic exploration with Film and Theology (details below). There will be more opportunities to be in each others presence, and glorying in the loving presence of our Lord, throughout the summer and I hope we’ll make the best of every occasion!

See details below for other events and details, Sunday and beyond!

Grace and peace,
Pastor James

THIS SUNDAY – Exodus 25:23-30 Bread of the Presence

– 9:30am On-site Prayer in Sanctuary

– 10am On site service (NOTE: Children’s Ministry is offered)

– 10am Virtual service can be accessed through our YouTube Page: youtube.com/c/RefugeChurch 



  Refuge Youth:  1st & 3rd Sundays

  11:30am-12:30pm  Fellowship Hall

  Email Ben:  bencharleskeller@gmail.com

  Young Adults: Sundays 6:45pm

  Email info@findrefuge.com


  Men’s Breakfast (virtual):  7-8:15am Via Zoom

  Email James:  james@findrefuge.com

  Weekly Bible Study – GENESIS (virtual) 6:30- 8:30pm Via Zoom

  Email Bev:  beverlycarter226@gmail.com


  Men’s Happy Hour (@ The Cheesecake Factory, Alderwood Mall):  5:30-6:30pm 

  Email James:  james@findrefuge.com

Heartbeat REFIT Tuesday/Thursday/Saturda
y – email cynthiaksanders@comcast.net 

Gung Fu (Martial Arts) Classes midweek as well – email gonzalessteve@hotmail.com