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Project: FLOODGATE *update!

UPDATE! We’re now at almost 37K of our 57K goal!
That’s cause to celebrate, but also a reminder that we’ve still got 20K to go! Be sure to see other ways to help like our TEXTILE DRIVE!


  • Check or cash: during Sunday service or in drop boxes by sanctuary doors.
  • Online and Text Giving: select “culvert replacement” on our GIVE page.
  • Mail a check to our office at: 2609 Larch Way Lynnwood, WA 98036

45 years ago, members of our congregation put in a new culvert and passageway for our church. The path for a waterway and entry to our facility was literally paved for us by others, the gateway to a gift we’ve inherited and enjoy weekly, and more, as we gather and worship together.

Over decades of climate and community changes, the creek now experiences substantially increased water flow. Presently, seasonal flooding occurs which creates access issues, accrues damage to our driveway, and causes a road hazard to commuters and our neighbors. Snohomish County has approached us with a mutually beneficial proposition… to bring it up to new code and solve the flooding and environmental concerns
They are asking us for the hard costs of a new culvert, which is a relatively small portion of the full cost including labor and permits. If we put this off now, the culvert will inevitably wash out at some point in our church’s future and we could incur the full cost of replacement

Our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ gives us a clear command to love our neighbors. The Word of God we’ve received by the Spirit tells God’s people to seek the prosperity of the city, to seek opportunities to do good to all, especially the body of believers. Our church’s core values include “transforming communities” and this is clearly a case where we can model and evidence civic cooperation… a concern for those on the road outside our church as well as those who visit and experience our community.

Our role as image bearers of God, and particularly as Christians, is to be good stewards of God’s creation and all things which He’s entrusted to us. Whereas some fundraising ventures are for new plans and aspirations, this is quite simply a maintenance issue, stewarding the property and resources we have inherited from our forebears. As they provided a culvert, a driveway, a sanctuary, a fellowship hall, a literal REFUGE for us almost half a century ago… we can provide for one another, for our neighbors, and for those who will find refuge here in the century to come.

  • Total for Culvert project – $232,000+ (estimated)
  • Hard Costs (Refuge to raise) – $56,108
  • Needed to raise by – January 1, 2018

We ask all members, churchgoers, friends and family of
Refuge Church to prayerfully consider and give:

  • A one-time gift
  • A pledge for incremental giving monthly through end-of-year
  • A pledge for a one-time gift between now and Jan 1st

(NOTE: this must be above and beyond regular faithful giving for budget expenses!)

Thank you for joining us in prayer and participation, word and deed, as we tackle this need together.