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REFUGE Reflections 8-20: Quiet Time…


As I write this, I’m preparing to embark on a little Film & Theology journey with our latest church movie event: A Quiet Place II. It’s actually kind of fascinating – if you can’t join us tonight, we’ll post the video of our talk ABOUT the film later, but while it deals with what SEEMS like a “sci-fi/horror story, what it’s REALLY about is a family who seeks to emulate a “father” who is not with them – he’s not physically present – and yet they’re trying to live LIKE him and imitate him and actually live out life and treat others as they’ve been discipled by this pivotal figure in their lives.

It’s really a great example of what it means to follow Jesus… as we go into the weekend, if you’re not able to join us for this event, be meditating about it, create a “quiet place” yourself and see what God may say to you.

Sunday, we have a little bit different kind of sermon… we have the strange passage in Exodus about a census being taken, and people being “numbered”, and we’ll look at how that ties into not just the people of Israel then in Exodus, but what it mean to be counted among God’s pople today.

Our kids will be learning about Noah… my goodness! Think about the incredible story of that man, walking by faith but being shut in and isolated in SO many ways… having to trust while everything seemed to go crazy around him. He needed to be still, and know that God was God… and so our kids will be learning this weekend, WE’LL be learning this weekend – honestly, that’s a little about what this movie is about too, we have parents instructing their children, and so perhaps it’s a GREAT weekend to think about how we’re learning, AND how we’re helping OTHERS to learn, because there are SO many things to distract us in our lives, and so many ways the light we should be following can be obscured or our attention can be drawn away.

So I pray that we would focus on the light that we know… be still and know that he is God… and I hope you can join us in a few spaces for worship this weekend in his name. See you soon!

Soli Deo Gloria,

Pastor James Harleman