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REFUGE Reflections 8-6: Truth & Consequences

Dear friends,

I love how our new curriculum for Children’s Church even provides “teasers”, images and advance verses for not only parents to know what the kids are learning in advance (and be able to plan for conversations about what they learned) but also so I know what they’re learning while I’m preaching to the adults in the sanctuary! It helps in my own interactions with these young disciples (and their moms and dads) not to mention the hardworking Children’s Ministry team. This week they are hitting on a hard truth: the fall, in Genesis 3. It’s a big subject, so PRAY for our Children’s teaching team! Have you ever thought about doing that heading into the weekend? I know I took “Sunday school” for granted a lot growing up, but in later years I’ve realized a lot of that stuck with me.

So the kids will head one direction to learn that truth, while the adults will learn some of the consequences of the fall as we read about continual sacrifices in Exodus 29:38-46. Last week, we dealt with some heavy content: actual blood of sacrificed animals, and even how the priests ate the flesh of the sacrificed ram (as well as unleaven bread). It’s a potent visual, WITH crossover symbolism: the sacrifices like these, before Christ, pointed toward Him, and the sacrament we share now is in remembrance OF Him… we don’t eat the literal flesh of the sacrificed savior, of course, and the cup we drink isn’t real blood, but as He stated it symbolizes that ultimate fulfillment of blood shed and body broken that satisfies the penalty we face for our fall into sin… the basic lesson our little ones will learn as we all worship in His name. The big idea they’ll learn is that “although our relationship with God was broken, he still loves us”. And thus we’ll take communion in remembrance of the way He loved us… in the person and work of Jesus Christ.

Now, what does all this have to do with an ice dock in Dallas Texas in the 1940s, or a popular chain of all night mini-marts all of us have frequented at some time? Well… you’ll just have to join us Sunday to find out. And since it’s a Communion Sunday, I’d also recommend spending some extra time in prayer and confession. 1 Corinthians 11:23-29 helps explain why that’s always wise. God bless and see you soon.

Soli Deo Gloria,

James Harleman