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Refuge REFLECTIONS 9-3: Have patience…

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Last Sunday, during our “Children’s Minute” I spoke to the kids about patience… and it turned out to be a theme for the week, at least in MY life! I remember, as a kid myself, singing a song from The Music Machine, where Herbert the Snail sang about having patience, and its words are just as true today. It’s based on the fact that lists this particular trait as one of the fruits of the Spirit, so it’s not just good advice: it’s biblical wisdom.

Eager to spend more time with new faces in our congregation, I was hoping to kick off a pre-service “REFUGE 101” class this Sunday, but as it turns out this is Labor Day Weekend, which for most means special pre-planned activities that preclude starting this week. So this pastor will practice patience and we’ll start a couple weeks later in September (the 19th) to make sure more folks have opportunities to join us.

However, patience DOES pay off, and in this case it pays off for our ladies here at Refuge Church. I’ve mentioned the desire, and then percolating plans, to get a Women’s Study off the ground again and the details – facilitator, topic, dates, etc. – have finally solidified. Miya Tabor will be leading a virtual study (via ZOOM) for women starting September 15th at 7pm and starting with a 6-week series called “Encountering God”.

Also, we took a few months of hiatus to retool our live stream a bit and help move our congregation back toward more normal rhythms, and we thank everyone for their patience in this too! We’ll be restarting it Sunday with a more defined ethos: as a supplement, not a surrogate, for regular physical church attendance and we’ll explain that more fully on Sunday.

Sunday is also a COMMUNION SUNDAY, so we’ll partake of the elements together and ask each member to spend time in prayer, confession, and preparation for the Lord’s Supper. We’ll also be exploring Exodus 30:17-21 and what The Bronze Basin of the tabernacle represents for God’s people, then and now. Our kids will be looking at the story of Abraham, when God asked him to sacrifice his son Isaac. We know in that instance God, at the last minute, provided a substitute sacrifice for Abraham. That was a supreme lesson in patience for him, and also pointed to the future substitutionary atonement of Jesus Christ thousands of years later. Talk about patience…

…we have a God who has been patient beyond our understanding when it comes to us, and who also requires it of us. Thank God He also supplies it for those who put their trust in Him and rely on His Spirit.

“But the fruit of the Spirit is love, joy, peace, patience, kindness, goodness, faithfulness, gentleness, self-control; against such things there is no law.” – Galatians 5:22-23

Grace and peace,

  • Pastor James