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REFUGE Weekly 11-11: Thanks for Service

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“Greater love has no one than this, that someone lay down his life for his friends” – John 15:13

Father, many of us cannot hope to understand the experience and service of those who served in our armed forces. We thank you for their courageous service and sacrifice to the land in which you have placed us, and pray we can better appreciate their offering to this country and its people. Today we lift up our voices to express gratefulness and honor to these military troops both from the past and present. Show us ways in our communities, churches, and families to thank and love them better. Keep and protect these servants and their families, in the name of Jesus Christ our Lord. Amen.

Important Highlights…

  • This Sunday 11/14 is our monthly COMMUNION SERVICE.
  • Spend time in prayer and confession and come prepared to receive from the Lord’s table

  • Sunday November 21st is CHRISTMAS DECORATING after service!
  • Stay after to help us prepare the space for ADVENT! Lights, nativity and more (pizza provided)

  • BAPTISMAL will be set up for December 5th – a new member is getting baptized!
  • If you or someone in your household may need baptism, email james@findrefuge.com

  • Pastor James and Ben Keller are headed to RCA Classis Cascades Stated Session in Idaho (FRI-SAT)
  • They’ll be back Sunday: please pray for good discussion and clarity w/our regional churches, about our future with the Reformed Church in America. For background, check out this blog post on Refuge and the RCA.


    • Many of you know one of our members – Roland Cole – had a medical emergency during service. Thanks for your continued prayers, and your gracious and helpful manner on Sunday as we walked through this together. It turns out Roland had a vein burst/bleed in his brain (likely related to previous brain injury from a past incident). He is in Swedish Hospital on Cherry Hill and has undergone neurosurgery, but the prognosis thus far looks positive. Please keep him (and his parents David and Grace in your prayers.
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    As some of you know, Pastor James ALSO co-hosts a bi-weekly PODCAST looking at faith and film:

    Catch up with some of the latest episodes here, and share with others! It’s a great way to introduce movie-lovers to something deeper and conversations about God: recent episodes include Disney’s Tangled, Ghostbusters, DUNE and The Lost Boys.

    Don’t forget! Just a little over a week left for…

    We are creating/collecting gifts for children this holiday season with Samaritan’s purse. Do your pre-Thanksgiving shopping and start the season off with hospitality and charity for others! For details, check out the website HERE.


    SUNDAY 11/14:

    10am Service 

    Sermon:  TITUS chapter 2 – Ben Keller
    Join us for song, scripture, prayer, confession, communion, creeds, and more as we continue this 3-week journey through the Book of Titus and the early instructions for Jesus’ church and how this informs us today AS the church. Learn “who was Titus” here.

    *Postponed from last week, we’ll also have an update and report from our Elders on General Synod (and weekend events at Stated Session).

    ALSO 10am: Children’s Church

    Bible Story: JUDGES

    Big Idea: God’s way is perfect, so I can find peace in Him

    Memory Verse:

    Israel had finally made it to the promised land of Canaan. It should have been a joyous time, but it was not. God installed judges – military and political leaders – to govern the people and lead them in obedience to Him. Yet, over and over again, the people rebelled against God. God would then raise up another judge. The people would live obediently for a while but then, inevitably, would return to trusting in their own desires and judgments rather than in God’s word. It was undoubtedly one of the darkest periods in Israel’s history.

    AFTER SERVICE 11:30am

    YOUTH GROUP (Junior High and High School)
    In the Fellowship Hall
    Meets:  1st & 3rd Sundays
    11:30am-12:30pm  Fellowship Hall
    Email Ben:  bencharleskeller@gmail.com for details


    Young Adults: Sundays 6:45pm
    Contact Alex: http://m.me/alex.dietrich.338 via FB Msgr for details



    Men’s Breakfast (virtual): 7-8:15am Via Zoom
    Email James:  james@findrefuge.com

    Weekly Bible Study (co-ed, virtual): 7pm – 8:30pm
    Email Bev: beverlycarter226@gmail.com


    Resumes 1st week of November (11-3):
    Men’s Happy Hour @ The ROCK Wood Fired Grill – 5:30pm
    PIZZA and PARABLES – the parables of Jesus
    Email James:  james@findrefuge.com

    Taking a break for the holiday season – will resume in JANUARY!

    Coming in DECEMBER:

    NEW SUNDAY MORNING CLASS: American Gospel: Christ Crucified 8:30am – 9:20a
    We will spend 6 weeks going through the documentary on the atonement: what it means, how it works, and how this basic doctrine is being distorted – even by some “pastors” – today. Watch the trailer here.


    Love and pray for one another, and connect as able!

    Grace and peace,
    Pastor James & Refuge Church

    *P.S. – a Note about COVID-19 and related issues:
    Regarding ongoing concerns, we are asking congregants to remain informed and follow individual conscience in regard to masks and guidelines. We assume some will be masked at services while others are not: this is an opportunity to extend grace, hospitality, avoid shaming and judgment, and model Christ-like dignity, patience and respect for one another. Thank you!