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REFUGE Weekly 12-23: O Holy Night

Your Weekly Guide to REFUGE news, connections and content!


  1. Please pray… for the joys and sorrows, praises and petitions of our congregation. We prayed Sunday for the requests of our church body – you can find a list of those detailed below. Please keep these prayers in your hearts and minds as we end the year together.
    ADDITIONALLY: please lift up the Tedrow family in your prayers. Wayne Tedrow’s mother Bobbie had a stroke Tuesday and is in the hospital: praise is that she is under good care, successful surgery, and is responsive, but pray for her recovery and the Tedrow family as this hits the week of Christmas. Thank you.
  2. DECEMBER 24 – Candlelight Christmas Eve Service, 9pm – Join us as able for a sweet night of carols and light, or virtual via livestream @ https://www.youtube.com/c/RefugeChurch
  3. Congregational Meeting: how are we ending the year, and what does 2022 hold in store for our church? If you missed the meeting Sunday catch up here. https://youtu.be/5jD9bhRXJ-c


Catch up on Sunday’s Sermon… OR just share in your social media!

    Greek thought and modern ideas have warped our definition of “soul” – what does the Bible mean by loving God with “soul” and “strength” – we end our Advent series with some radical redefining thoughts on how we worship: Here’s the Link – https://youtu.be/JKUfa7qqicA
  • WORSHIP: a lively Christmas set with Cindy, Mark, and Redeemed
    Listen Herehttps://youtu.be/d6f36bK8BYk



8:30am – NEW SUNDAY MORNING CLASS: American Gospel: Christ Crucified
We’re going through the documentary on the atonement: what it means, how it works, and how this doctrine is being distorted – even by some “pastors” – today. Watch the trailer here.

10am Service 

Worship set with Dave Doherty and band

Sermon:  Stewards of God’s Grace: 1 Peter 4 – Pastor James
We close the year and enter the new one with God’s call to hospitality and love.

ALSO 10am: Children’s Church

Parent’s, here’s what the kids will be learning…

Bible Story: Mary and Joseph Flee to Egypt

Big Idea: Jesus fulfills the prophecies of the Old Testament, so we can trust that He is Lord.

Memory Verse: “When the name of Jesus is spoken, everyone’s knee will bow to worship him… Everyone’s mouth will say that Jesus Christ is Lord.” Philippians 2:10-11 (NIrV)

God once rescued Israel out of their slavery in Egypt. It makes sense that Jesus would spend time in Egypt – as He would lead us out of our slavery to sin. Did you know Jesus fulfilled more than three hundred Old Testament prophecies just in His first coming? He’ll fulfill even more when He comes again. But, goodness. Three hundred. That’s not an accident. Jesus is God. We can trust that He is who He says He is.


Love and pray for one another, and connect as able!

“And the angel said to them, “Fear not, for behold, I bring you good news of great joy that will be for all the people. For unto you is born this day in the city of David a Savior, who is Christ the Lord.” – Luke 2:10-11

Grace and peace,
Pastor James & Refuge Church

*P.S. – a Note about COVID-19 and related issues:
Regarding ongoing concerns, we are asking congregants to remain informed and follow individual conscience in regard to masks and guidelines. We assume some will be masked at services while others are not: this is an opportunity to extend grace, hospitality, avoid shaming and judgment, and model Christ-like dignity, patience and respect for one another. Thank you!

Sunday’s Congregational Prayers:

In the words of our sister Amanda, we begin by giving great thanks to God, that many would have a great week and for life to improve. May we praise you God for our many blessings in all that surrounds us. 

We pray for our nation and our leaders.  Pray for our President and those that we have sent to lead our country; that they might be good stewards of what God has given us and rule wisely.

During this season of celebrating our Savior’s birth, we pray for the unborn and pray for their safety and life. We pray for potential change in our nation in terms of laws and the sanctity of life you form in the womb: we pray for Spirit-filled wisdom for our Supreme Court and their coming decisions, that they will be a light of clarity and direction for our country and an influencer for the world.

We praise and thank you for the new life you’ve given to Kasey and Alex Dietrich, and ask for your hand of protection on her pregnancy, that you would nurture this child and bring it to term as a blessing for their household.

We pray for those affected by the tornado events late last Friday, especially for the families of those killed, injured or missing, and for their homes and businesses that were devastated.  We pray for the responders and those searching for survivors and recovering the deceased. We praise you for the tornado warning systems that saved thousands of lives. 

Lord, we lift our nation up to you and those lacking resources due to the supply chains… not for toys we may not need getting here quickly but rather the essential services and supplies that are impacting health and safety. Bring healing to our land.

Lord we lift up our brother Paul Keller as he spends the week of Christmas locked down in Shelton due to Covid and problems with his transfer, we pray that you would comfort and encourage him and that his situation will improve in 2022.

We praise you that our brother Roland continues to improve.  We pray for a full recovery and a return to his church, to rejoice and worship together with him.

We pray for our brother Zachary, for God’s will for the course of his, God steers his steps, brings him closer to Christ and gives him wisdom in his prayers.  Help him find clarity and peace with the path you’ve laid out for him and keep his depression at bay. 

We pray for our sister Darlene who is having some issues with her nasal passages again.  We pray that you will heal her in Jesus’ name, that she can breath more easily without discomfort. 

We pray for Jan Long as she struggles to regain her mobility.  We pray she will be able to move home soon. We also pray for Eric’s daughter Sarah as she recovers from knee surgery today. May her rehabilitation be quick and effective.

We pray for our Consistory and the leaders God has called to serve Refuge Church; give them wisdom, discernment and the courage to do what God has called them to do as they lead in the seasons to come.

We pray for those struggling with chronic pain. May they find relief from the pain and find peace in Christ Jesus.

We thank you for your care of the Brockman’s, and ask for your healing hand on Pat as they await the next CT scan in January. We pray for healing in Jesus’ name. We pray for not just reductions but eradication.

We lift up our sister Shirley in her struggles of feeling attacked, and facing obstacles in her life. Comfort her heart in the midst of these circumstances.

We lift of Scott and Marla Housekeeper to you and their continued struggles in health and capacity. May your healing hand touch Scott in the midst of his circumstances. May your spirit of discernment help Marla as she manages work and household. May we know their needs and know best how to serve them.

We praise you for the blessing of hosting Life in Christ Ethiopian Evangelical Church and the reciprocal blessing their spirit has been to our congregation. We thank you for their generosity and hospitality. We thank you for their exuberant expression of the gospel and desire to win hearts for Christ.

May you bless them with conversion, may their children be raised to walk in faithfulness, and may Pastor Walter, Wonde, Ermi, Addis and so many others stand strong in loving and leading and serving.

We lift up our brother Steve Aaby and his heart struggles, may you heal him physically in Jesus’ name, and may you supply doctors with wisdom and guidance in their examination and assistance.

Lastly Lord, we know that the holidays are not picturesque for all. We pray for those who are dealing with heartache, depression and emotional strain during this holiday season. We praise you for those like our sister Michelle who testify to feeling your touch and embrace in the midst of depression. We pray that those apart from you would come to KNOW you in Jesus name and know the greatest source of comfort.

We pray heartaches would be mended by the power of our Lord and savior. We pray that depression would be replaced by a refreshed joy in your covenant promises and our eternal future. We pray all this in the Jesus’ name, submitted to your will and sovereign direction, ready to praise and rejoice in all circumstances. And all God’s people said: Amen.