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Refuge YOUTH 2021: A Short Report

After the morning service on Sunday, we took the Mukilteo to Clinton ferry, where the kids enjoyed some sunny sailing. I trust none of them pulled the “I’m the King of the World!” routine, but I didn’t ask.

Then after buying items for our picnic lunch at The Goose (it’s a store), we moved onward to Fort Ebey State Park, where our reserved shelter was waiting for us in the middle of the aggressively misty fog from offshore. While the kids played hide and seek in the old gun batteries, I also noticed lessons in nature, like the coastal trees that had bent over the years, but were not broken.

Having hid and sought to their heart’s content, our youth moved on to the Island County Museum in Coupeville. At first I didn’t know if it could happen because the streets were blocked and swelled with an arts fair that I was unaware was happening. But it ended up just adding to the atmosphere. The ICM staff had helped set up a scavenger hunt for us ahead of time, and we all had a great time scouring the two floors of the museum to cross objects off our list. It was guys vs. girls and needless to say the guys lost.

I called an audible after the museum, because we still hadn’t had a chance to do our Bible study. So we went over to the Joseph Whidbey State Park, which is on the west coast of the island, for quality beach time and an opportunity to settle on the quiet (but very windy) beach with our Bibles and study books and dig in. We: (1) read Exodus 30:1-10 and briefly discussed the major points Pastor James preached on; (2) studied the Tower of Babel [Genesis 10 & 11]; (3) studied Herod’s cruel murder of the infant boys in Bethlehem in his attempt to prevent the rise of the King of Kings [Matthew 2] and (4) dug into church history by studying (a) early church heresies like Gnosticism & Montanism, (b) the development of the canon of scripture, and an (c) reviewed how the early church worked through the doctrines of the person of Christ as well as church governance.

As the sun began to dip, we headed north to traverse the beautiful vista that is Deception Pass, and then slowly veered east and south, to finish our trip with a sumptuous repast at the Big Scoop in Mount Vernon, where delightful dinners and delicious ice cream were enjoyed by all (and we beat another church group of about 60 people by five minutes, thankfully getting our order in before the place swelled to capacity). It was a wonderful way to wrap up the summer together. Thanks for your prayers and support for our youth!

Ben Keller (Refuge elder, worship director, and youth teacher)