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Ben Keller - April 23, 2017

From Word to Flesh | John 1

I AM | The Gospel of John

The Son of God's story doesn't begin in Bethlehem, as we see Him present when time itself began. Our story begins with the begotten, at the beginning.

From Series: "I AM | The Gospel of John"

Jesus' friend John, the oldest living apostle, provides an unerring look at God's sovereignty, Christ's divinity, and the purpose of the cross.

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James Harleman - March 19, 2017

1 Thess 1:1-2:8 | Chosen To Imitate & Please

1 Thessalonians: Paul\'s Love Letter

From Series: "1 Thessalonians: Paul's Love Letter"

A Leaders' Letter of Love to the Church, Paul writes to not simply encourage, but appreciate the mutual encouragement faithfulness fuels in God's people.

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James Harleman - January 8, 2017

Striving for White | Isaiah 56:1-8

Isaiah: Justice & Kingdom Inheritance

An overview of the prophet's incredible vision and what it means to be servants who have inherited God's kingdom... the tension between "now" and "not yet"?

From Series: "Isaiah: Justice & Kingdom Inheritance"

After exile, assurances of God's comfort, the Lord makes clear the need for justice and righteousness now in light of God's promised deliverance and ultimate justice to come.

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James Harleman - November 27, 2016

O Sapientia | O Adonai

Advent: O Antiphons

Advent and our centuries-old liturgy begins! Listen and learn from the O Antiphons that describe the Messiah necessarily and prophetically as "Wisdom" and "Lord".

From Series: "Advent: O Antiphons"

From perhaps earlier than even the 6th century, these phrases and praises have been part of God’s family, part of our liturgical tradition since the very early Church. Derived from messianic prophecy found in Isaiah, it is a way of looking at particular titles for Christ Jesus leading up to Christmas. Join us as we connect to the ancient and commemorate the coming of Emmanuel.

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James Harleman - October 16, 2016

The Goldilocks Ratio / 1 Tim 1

1 Timothy: Running as God Intended

How do we maintain unity while adhering to sound doctrine? Paul tells Timothy how to navigate the ship between the dangers on either side of the error: too soft or too firm.

From Series: "1 Timothy: Running as God Intended"

Sometimes a church needs to download and reinstall it's basic OS... removing church malware, establishing needed "firewalls" for protection, organizing its essential doctrine "files" and restarting needed applications (ministries). Paul instructs Timothy (and us) about how to reboot!

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James Harleman - January 31, 2016

God's Will and Predestination


Ephesians 1 challenges our conceptions of belief, choice, and will by speaking of a God who predestines believers to salvation before the foundation of the earth.

From Series: "Ephesians"

Paul writes a letter on lessons in love to the people of Ephesus that roughly breaks into two equal parts: three chapters about who God is and what he has done, followed by three chapters on how we should live in light of that truth.

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James Harleman - January 3, 2016

Expositional Preaching, Biblical Theology

9 Marks of a Healthy Church

We kick off 2016 with a few weeks of looking at what makes a healthy church: James begins the year defining what it looks like to have a biblically-based theology and submitting oneself to the authority of God's Word.

From Series: "9 Marks of a Healthy Church"

What does a vital, growing, Christ-centered church look like? This short series defines 9 of the most essential things to a church that truly seeks to follow Jesus.

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George Keller - December 27, 2015

Prayer in Desperate Circumstances

SPECIAL message

Ben Keller introduces his father George, who shares a potent story of loss, the ripple impacts of sin, and how patience and prayer in the Christian life is marked by years of endurance and trust.

From Series: "SPECIAL message"

Special "one-off" messages seasonally by Refuge Pastors and guest speakers

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James Harleman - August 16, 2015

Hannah's Story - 1:1-28

1 Samuel: Rise of Kings

God lauds and honors a faithful woman at this books beginning, amidst others who are cruel and misjudging. What can we learn from Hannah's narrative?

From Series: "1 Samuel: Rise of Kings"

God has been working in and through people throughout history, revealing himself through unfolding promises and foreshadowing that point to ultimate fulfillment and victory in Jesus Christ, the one true king. One of the most epic periods in scripture is the rise of the Kings of Israel, beginning in the book of 1 Samuel. Wars, prophecy, backstabbing and giants abound. We see the transition of God’s people from a time of overseeing “judges” to the first king, Saul and his tenure in the first half of the book. In this text we see some of the greatest stories of faithfulness, betrayal, pride before a fall, and countless other biblical examples that have been mimicked and echoed throughout time in both great works of fiction and human history. We’ll also see how all of this is God’s way of revealing his ultimate plan for salvation.

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James Harleman - April 12, 2015

Mark 1 - Prophecy, Baptism and Trinity

Mark, Immediately

Mark's gospel kicks off in high gear with a forerunner predicting, and presenting, the Messiah. God's mysterious triune nature guest stars...

From Series: "Mark, Immediately"

Mark takes us on a whirlwind tour of the life, death, and resurrection of Jesus Christ. If you're a fan of Cliff's Notes and Wikipedia entries, this is the gospel for you: short, sweet, and to the point.

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James Harleman - March 15, 2015

Look at this guy...

Suffering of Job

Job is one of the few guys following God faithfully, and God decides to bring this to Satan's attention. Wait, what?

From Series: "Suffering of Job"

Job begins and ends with prose, but hosts a wealth of poetry in between. This 3-week study looks at what happened to Job, and how God shows up at the end, and what counsel friends offered in the midst of suffering. Like Job and his friends, we have a lot to learn about God and our assumptions.

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James Harleman - January 18, 2015

Count it all Joy

Faith Works: The Book of James

In the opening of this letter, James stresses how we should look for how God is tempering and testing us in times of trouble.

From Series: "Faith Works: The Book of James"

James the Just penned this inspired letter that speaks to our actions in relation to God's accomplished work of salvation.

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James Harleman - November 30, 2014

Living in Egypt

GENESIS: I Won\'t Be Home for Christmas

What do we do when God tells us to go? Do we respond in trust? Are we in our own "Egypt" like Jacob? Like Jesus?

From Series: "GENESIS: I Won't Be Home for Christmas"

The final section of Genesis concludes with a move to Egypt, living in a home that isn't truly home. What does this have to do with Christmas? Everything.

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Brian Curnutt - October 12, 2014

Esau's Descendants

GENESIS: Case Studies of the Blessed

A look at geneologies and their importance in scripture

From Series: "GENESIS: Case Studies of the Blessed"

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Scott Mitchell - September 14, 2014

New Name, New Blessing

GENESIS: New & Renewed

Jacob wrestles with change, with fear, and ultimately with God. Do we?

From Series: "GENESIS: New & Renewed"

Our Genesis series enters the 30s as Jacob takes cnter stage, a flawed man who gets a new name and renewed relationships. In the midst of sin, God still blesses.

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James Harleman - August 24, 2014

Too Many Wives


Jacob works 7 years to get a wife... and winds up with 2. Sometimes our own deceptions come full circle, with irony.

From Series: "TOO MUCH!"

Whether it's chasing men, women, having children, material possessions, we can easily get our minds set on earthly things and become hoarders - even good things can be glutted on and stewarded poorly. We see people in Genesis doing this in ways that still provide lessons for today.

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Tim Schaaf - July 13, 2014

Blessed Betrothal

Genesis: BLESSED!

How Isaac and Rebekah are brought together by God.

From Series: "Genesis: BLESSED!"

Betrothal and death, deals and dreams... the Book of Genesis chronicles all sorts of activity in the life of his growing, chosen people - and not all of it looks like what we typically consider blessing. What does it TRULY mean to be blessed?

Sermon Notes

More From "Genesis: BLESSED!"

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Tim Schaaf - May 4, 2014

Hope: Beyond our Power, Bigger than our Strategy


Abram seeks to take matters of blessing into his own hands. Still, God is faithful in a way we might not expect. Do we act like Abram, and how has God reassured us that we belong to him?

From Series: "GENESIS: New Hope"

God has created the world, dealt with rebellion and sin by starting over with Noah, and establishes a new people and promise with a man named Abram. As he leads and loves the man who will become Abraham, we see God bringing New Hope to a fallen world, and see how this hope applies today to our lives and God's leading in them.

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Tim Schaaf - March 23, 2014

The Call of Abram

GENESIS: New Blessings

A man named Abram is blessed... to be a blessing.

From Series: "GENESIS: New Blessings"

God created everything… and now sin has corrupted everything. Where once all things in the land was good, now all things are broken. And so… One man is chosen to go on a journey… Chosen by God to forge a family and generational legacy that will, in time, be a blessing to the entire world, this faithful man answers God’s call… but not without stumbling along the way. Will we answer God’s call and go on the journey he has for us? Phase 2 of our year-long series in Genesis provides a great jumping-on point for newcomers. Join us as we walk with him and see God’s leading from ancient times to modern application for our lives.

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Tim Schaaf - January 5, 2014

New Beginnings

GENESIS: New Beginnings

God gave Moses the responsibility and inspiration to compose Genesis, a book intended for the Israelites after their Exodus from Israel AND a book for timeless application. As we prepare to spend a year in this formative fixture in the Bible, Pastor Tim sets the framework and focus.

From Series: "GENESIS: New Beginnings"

In the first section of the Book of Genesis we see creation and fall, covenant and cataclysm, but through it all we see God's goodness and faithfulness.

More From "GENESIS: New Beginnings"

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