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To know and to be known …

How wonderful and pleasant it is when brothers live together in harmony! – Psalm 133:1

There’s something about community that cannot be replaced. The example of the early church is that they met, not just for preaching and worship, but also for breaking bread and sharing meals. There is a pattern through the whole Bible of people living with God and with each other. They did life together.

In today’s culture it is very easy to break away from the New Testament pattern, becoming individualistic and isolated. Often we have good reasons: busy lives, family obligations and long days at work.  Maybe add a little social anxiety and the frustration of talking to high maintenance people and we have a recipe for people who do not know each other and are not known by each other.

Recently I stopped in at the workplace of a young married couple who attend Refuge. They had not made our corporate worship gathering in a few weeks so I was worried about them. As I walked into their business I did not know what to expect. Would they think the pastor was checking up on them? Would they feel guilty, angry, or defensive? None of that!  I was met with warm smiles and questions about how to find deeper community. I walked away encouraged, feeling loved and wanting more.

As we move into the summer months church programs tends to slow down, but my hope is that community build.

Who can you spend time with?  Is there someone you can invite over for a casual barbecue? Can you grab another family and spend the day together at a park or at Wild Waves? Can you team up to hit happy hour, coffee shop, or a farmers market?  The first time you ask, it might feel awkward … but once you push past that you will find joy.

We were not created to be alone. We are created to be in the image of God and with other image bearers to bring him glory.  Let’s figure this out … together.

– Pastor Tim