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Your ADVENT Invitation

Do you REALLY know Jesus? How would you define his nature? How would you explain what that manger scene really means? Other than good feelings and holiday cheer, what specifically are we thankful for?

ADVENT is upon us… and what better way to complement ACTS than to look at the incarnation – the humanity, the nature, and more – of Jesus Christ. That’s what we’ll be doing from now to year’s end. The Christology of Jesus… as summed up in Ligonier’s statement on Christ’s humanity.

Want a sneak peak? Read the statement here and it will warm your heart, soul and mind. We’ll be exploring all the wonderful nuance of this reality over the holiday season. What can we affirm about Jesus? What do all the things Jesus IS also shape and define what he is NOT? If someone asked you to explain “The Word Made Flesh” in the length of time you shared an elevator ride, what would you answer?

Get equipped to not only contemplate the Nativity this year, but conversate.

10am Sundays at Refuge Church (physical and virtual services).