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Your REFUGE Weekly 11-20 Endings and Beginnings

Dear friends, Acts is over.

Is that sad? Or does it feel like an accomplishment? Mixed feelings? 
We’ve learned, loved, labored and looked deeply at 27 chapters of Luke’s 1st century chronicle of the growth of the church, and we finish THIS Sunday with Acts 28. I hope you can join us. We get snakes, sentiments, and a mini-sermon. And ultimately, what is Paul (and Peter, Philip, so many others in Acts) so passionate about? The reality of Jesus Christ.

With THAT in mind, ADVENT is upon us… and what better way to complement ACTS than to look at the incarnation – the humanity – of Jesus Christ. That’s what we’ll be doing from now to year’s end. The Humanity of Jesus… as summed up in Ligonier’s statement on Christ’s humanity. Want a sneak peak? Read the statement here and it will warm your heart, soul and mind. We’ll be exploring all the wonderful nuance of this reality over the holiday season. 

What about the most recent spate of pandemic restrictions? Sadly, we’ve had to curtail a few items like Gung Fu, ADTA and other midweek items. And with indoor dining closed down, we can’t have our Thursday Men’s Breakfast… but Sunday will still be happening, ON-SITE and VIRTUAL. We’ve adjusted some music elements to accommodate and move forward as usual (or what passes for “usual” these days). If you have any questions let us know. 

Below are recommended weekly articles and links, plus the basic ZOOM links for service and midweek connections.

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