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Your REFUGE Weekly 7-16: 2 Little Verses

Depending on your church background, how much scripture is covered on a Sunday in the pulpit can REALLY vary. I remember some churches I grew UP in would zero in on a particular verse or two… and many times (to my mind) the sermon felt more like a devotional than a meaty message. As an adult, the first church I chose to become a member of would voraciously delve into a chapter or two each week, moving through a Book of the Bible verse by verse… but often covering a WEALTH of verses (this is the model I came to enjoy – and emulate – the most). Other churches seemed to… well, let’s just say sometimes I wondered if there WOULD be a verse. I try to forget about those:) 

As I get older, however, I begin to see past my personal preferences and appreciate styles and reasons used by others. A single verse or two has power, however, and exploring just a few on a Sunday has its place. For instance, this verse is a regular in MY head every day: 

So whether you eat or drink or whatever you do, do it all for the glory of God.” – 1 Corinthians 10:31

I could have a field day (a field Sunday?) with that one! Part of that is because naturally, a single verse or two often connects you to other verses throughout scripture, as the body of God’s Word is so interconnected. So in the spirit of THAT sermon style, we come to what could be seen by some as a minor footnote or an overlooked portion of the instructions for the Tabernacle in Exodus. It’s easy to skim right by verses like these, but we will pause and consider… (and also review how far we’ve come since chapter 25). Can you easily remember a key theme for each piece of the tabernacle? My hope and prayer is that we’ll all lock in some key aspects of this epoch in God’s story and covenant with His people, of which we are a part, and how WE are interconnected by His grace. So YES, a two-verse Sunday… with prayers, songs, and fellowship of course. I hope to see you there. 

One MINOR point of business: the following Sunday, 7/25, we will have a brief MEMBER MEETING (open to all) with our Treasurer’s Report and some vision-casting for the rest of the year. So plan to tarry just a LITTLE bit longer with us that week and we’ll look at how God’s leading us through 2021 together. 

Grace and peace,
– Pastor James

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