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Your REFUGE Weekly 6-11: Face to Face

Why didn’t I get a PICTURE??? I all but cursed myself driving away from the Cheesecake Factory on Wednesday evening, following the first “LIVE” Men’s Happy Hour we’ve had in over a year and a half! Ten amiable gentlemen enjoyed food and drink and a reading through 2 John together outside in the windy summer sun.

Though I have much to write to you, I would rather not use paper and ink. Instead I hope to come to you and talk face to face, so that our joy may be complete. – 2 John 12

It was a fantastic dynamic that we were reading about Jesus’ dear friend John, lamenting that letters weren’t good enough and longing to see his friends face to face. If it had been 2021, John might have said “I would rather NOT use ZOOM, but hope to talk face to face… UNmasked, that our joy may be complete! Indeed, it has been a LONG season and struggle and we’re happy to resume. But it begs a bigger question:

What are YOU doing this summer?

In the spirit of Christian hospitality, it might require some INTENTIONALITY to kick things off when we find ourselves ready to get back together… deck parties, lawn parties, park parties, etc. Whether it’s honoring the “one-anothers” of scripture and reconnecting with church folks, or mixing it up with neighbors and non-Christian acquaintances, it might be a godly opportunity to create these spaces to live out the basics of the gospel. Even if you’re window is still a few months out, it’s best to start planning NOW! I know as a church we’re hoping to do some special occasions this summer to stoke the fires of inspiration.

In OTHER news, June is PRIDE MONTH… and as we see this theme all around us, Refuge has not been silent. We’re speaking the truth of pride on Facebook and Twitter daily, and devoted a special post about it as well. I hope to shoot a video teaching of it later this month to leave as a legacy teaching on the concept of pride, as well as its particular application. You can check out the post HERE, and feel free to share on social media and more.

This Sunday we’re looking at the “Golden Lampstand” in Exodus 25, and toward the end of the week we have our next Film and Theology… as well as SEVERAL connecting points during the week with Bible studies and more. Have a blessed weekend, and while I’m writing this I hope to see you “face to face” soon!

Grace and peace,
Pastor James

See details below for other events and details, Sunday and beyond!

Grace and peace,
Pastor James

THIS SUNDAY – Exodus 25:31-40 The Golden Lampstand

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