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Your REFUGE Weekly 6-17: CHANGES

I’ve been reading a LOT about changes this week; apparently 4 million people quit their jobs in April and some polls show 40% of workers are considering it (don’t worry, your pastor’s not planning on leaving anytime soon). But it seems a pandemic makes one stop and think about their life, instead of just continuing on autopilot! Even in our own church, we have seen several members decide to sell homes and make some significant life changes. All that got me to thinking…

…if people are taking stock of life in major ways – what they do, where they live, what they want for the future – is it reasonable to assume they might be considering the metaphysical as well? Matters beyond the material? We may have a window of special opportunity to ask our neighbors to consider things even MORE important than occupation and residence. Perhaps it’s time to invite those we know to:

  • Consider Christ – take another look at the gospel and give it some thought in light of the pandemic’s natural scare regarding mortality and more.
  • Consider the Church – some have simply fallen away from church and it’s time to invite them back to be part of the family of God. For others, to best consider Christ they need to be invited to a church that teaches the truth of Jesus.
  • Consider YOUR Church – some may be at a church that, frankly, teaches a watered-down gospel, gets lost in cultural agendas and causes to the point of losing focus on the cross of Christ, or worse – teaches a moral therapeutic deism (or perhaps ME-ism) instead of truly pointing to Jesus and worshipping our Father in heaven. It may be time for some folks to change churches and we want to be a refuge for those seeking a Christ-centered, biblical church.

Speaking of Fathers, we WILL recognize our dads tomorrow on Father’s Day, but again… our focus is the Father we share as Creator and Lord, reconciled and brought into His family by the work of Jesus Christ. And we get to celebrate that with three baptisms as folks recognize God’s saving work in their lives! Hope to see you there.

Grace and peace,
James Harleman
Pastor, Refuge Church

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