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Your REFUGE Weekly 7-9: Follow the Leader

Remember your leaders, those who spoke to you the word of God. Consider the outcome of their way of life, and imitate their faith.” – Hebrews 13:7

We’ve been quoting a LOT from Hebrews as a church while we traverse the text on the tabernacle in Exodus 25 – 40. As I was preparing for our Deacon Installations this Sunday, however, THIS verse from Hebrews came to mind. While it doesn’t connect to the tabernacle, it ties in with every time we recognize those who have stepped in to help lead our Christian leaders at Refuge and elsewhere.

Pat Brockman and Theresa Tedrow have recently finished a tour of duty as deacons at our church and are taking a much-needed break from that (although we know they still participate with us in many ways). Debbie Willis just celebrated her retirement from her job (as well as her treasurer role at the church) although she has helped relaunch our Children’s Ministry and hasn’t stopped serving by any means. In that transition, Steve Gonzales and Cesar Torres will be joining the deacon team for the next season this Sunday and we’ll ordain and install them… I hope you can make it! We’ll also be participating in COMMUNION together this Sunday as well.

Part of imitating that leader is that very heart for service in the role or the duties they provide. Sometimes imitating someone’s faith has a very practical outworking and application. As things change this year it will be important that we all look for ways we can imitate the faith of our inspirational Christian siblings not just in a spiritual way, but the tangible way that faith’s rubber meets the road. And many do… that’s why we invited all those who have volunteered regularly and faithfully last year to a special volunteer luncheon after service this Sunday.

CHANGE is in the air… not just at Refuge, but many churches… and businesses, and communities, etc. The way we do things and even who is there won’t be the same: this last year has been jarring but also thought provoking: some are moving, changing careers, states, and with that even churches. Refuge is no exception, but we hope those who are truly with us will commit to the next stretch as diligently as the deacons we deputize this weekend at our services. And we look forward to the NEW faces who will wander into our midst in this season of change looking for the gospel, Christian community, and growth in Christ! May we be ready, hospitable, and excited for what God has next for us.

Grace and peace,
– Pastor James

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