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Your Weekly REFUGE 7.29.20

Dear friends,

The news bombards us with secular focuses- liberal, conservative and everything in between – and what they think we ought to know (or what will get ratings). Much of social media has the same impact. I see brothers and sisters being “tossed to and fro” by the worries of the world, and my prayer is that we (myself included) can start curating our stimuli and passions with discernment in the days to come. To that end, I’m going to start providing some helpful links to articles, news, and websites that are a help and encouragement to me on a weekly basis. I’ve referenced some of them in recent sermons – persecution.comgotquestions.org – and use some for my own study and use in Zoom studies during the week. 
So expect things below like a “question of the week”, news from the persecuted church around the world, updates from our missions partners, and a few other articles (as well as links to what your pastor/elders are contributing to, like Saybrook Ministries and Popcorn Theology). These links will be bundled here each week (and a weekly blog post at findrefuge.com) and then they’ll pop up daily on our FB page. For example:

Feel free to share them in your social media and spread some news and information that’s helpful and hopeful. God bless!

– Grace and Peace,
Pastor James

Activity Highlight of the week: