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Your Weekly REFUGE 8.5.20

Sunday kicked us into high gear as the history of the church shows us a bold gospel, inspirational brothers in Christ, and the extreme bumps along the road as they encounter people who receive God’s good news with the wrong hearts and understanding. I learned a LOT about myself, the church, and others in relation to our God in Acts 14. Check it out here!

As mentioned last week, here’s your weekly dose of Christian-centered links and online resources. They will also show up daily on Facebook:

This Sunday we are keeping our fingers crossed (okay, actually we’re just praying and pushing) for the REALLY LIVE service (no pre-recorded elements, etc) so that our on-site folks and virtual worshippers have a “next level” shared experience. I think it will be another big blessing on our way through the Covid wilderness, so join us in prayer and then Sunday at 10am, either AT the church building or via YouTube below.

– Grace and peace from Pastor James

SUNDAY SERVICE *10am on YouTube: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCYw-0v5fmgKxSn27ofiNBmg

Activity Highlight of the week: